How to Resolve Sims 3 – Error Code 12 Won’t Save Game [8 Solutions]

For regular gamers, they might be aware of this Sims 3. But for someone who is just new to the world of games might not be knowing about the Sims 3 its features and the errors that occur which can be resolved. We will let you know in detail about Sims 3 and its most commonly occurring error –error code 12. Games are meant to be playing for relaxing before a few years. But now it has become habitual like as a hobby also some people are used to play online / offline games for hours and hours. Some play games to relax from their stress whereas some people play games just to ignore / escape from the reality of life.

Whenever and whatever games they play the game has to be enjoyed with the pleasure. The game being interfered by someone physically or by causing any kind of errors ruins the entire game. We will help you to overcome the interference caused by the most common error code 12 but you need to handle the disturbance caused by someone physically.

How to Fix Sims 3 – Error Code 12 Won’t Save Game Consult Readme 

The Sims 3 is one of the most famous life simulation video game developed by “The Sims Studio” and released by “Electronic Arts”. The game is as alike the real world but the gamers can control their own family, neighbours, careers, living, vegetations etc..,

Sims 3 - Error Code 12

Sims 3 – Error Code 12

The gamers will have some special tasks / jobs to strengthen or grow their own family, wishes, dreams and even they live in with their own personalities in the Sims. They have people coming and going as same as with the real life for n number of reasons.

Some of the interesting additional expansion plans for the games are an island of paradise, into the future, university life, supernatural, world of adventure, some more worlds, stuff packs and creating their own living style. People whoever have started playing this game have fallen in love with this amazing game. This game is even available for Android, iOS, iPad, windows, Xbox, PS3 etc..,

Error Code 12

Sims error code 16 and error code 12 are similar that does not let you save your files more than 4 GB. This error happens if you play the Sims game for long hours with a large number of families in creating a sim mode that includes a lot of outfits, planning etc..,

This error literally happens when you run out of space in your RAM, as a result the game would crash or declines to save the game.

Fixing Sims error code 12 (8 Solutions)

We are suggesting you all the possible ways to fix and solve the error code 12. Try one by one to enjoy playing the real life alike life simulation video game. RAM/virtual space to save the data file is the main reason for this issue.

Solution 1: Close any of the additional programs that keep on running in the background.

Solution 2: Save the game data before you go for any quest or at night time when all the Sims are asleep.

Solution 3: Check the saved data files of the game. Save all the games data using “.sims” or “.sims.backup”.

Solution 4: Kindly check for the file that ends with “.bad” for all the saved game data. If you find any such files immediately delete all those files that end with the “.bad” extension. They are the failed saves of the game data.

Solution 5: Try using “save as” option for saving every new data as it creates and gives a new name for each. This is one of the easiest methods to get off the error.

Solution 6: Take a backup of the files you last saved with “.sims” extension.

Solution 7: A final way to resolve this error is to increase the RAM as thereby it increases the virtual memory space. Upgrading the device with the 64-bit operating system with a 4 GB processor RAM could resolve the problem.

Solution 8: Try to minimize switching over from or to task manager and pressing windows key often which consumes the processing time and slows down the game.

Preliminary indication of error code 12 won’t save game

  1. Game files get corrupted
  2. Your game suddenly closes without any indications / warnings
  3. The game might load incorrectly
  4. You could not save the game data file
  5. Game restarts automatically

If any of the above indications occur without any second thought check your game’s data saved files with the extensions and make them clear with the above said solutions.



All the above-said solutions are being tested and are working fine. However the technology improves and goes beyond our imagination, the little errors and faults may happen due to technical / software issues. They can be easily solved with the help of some knowledge to handle and process. With the little understanding of the Sims 3 game and the mode of playing you can easily solve and overcome the problems caused easily.

This game in turn resembles as alike the daily life of ours with some more interesting options which every user who used to play will fall in love. Better to be alert with the system’s speed and capacity of the RAM before you install the game. With the advanced Graphic card lot more possibilities have been developed. Stay Healthy, Stay happy and enjoy playing SIMS 3!!!


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